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So you’ve heard about the mindfulness movement, and perhaps come to the conclusion that it might benefit the employees of your company. If you are trying mindfulness for the first time, it might be a good first step to try out some mindfulness exercises with company leaders to better determine what people find most effective.

But how do you introduce mindfulness to your company’s leadership? Leaders often don’t feel like they have enough time for these types of sessions or seminars. However, mindfulness has been shown to increase effectiveness, in turn saving time, rather than wasting it. So, where do you start?

Talk Openly About Mindfulness

A number of people have a skewed view of mindfulness, imagining it involves major lifestyle changes and costly classes. In reality, mindfulness is about trying to find new ways to think about your life. Mindfulness encourages you to think in the moment, avoiding unhelpful stressors and non-judgmentally observing your current emotional and physical state.

Once you’ve explained the concept behind mindfulness, give them some activities to practice transitioning into a mindful state. Meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are just some of the examples that can improve mindfulness.

Offer Classes

In addition to talking openly about mindfulness, you can also encourage classes. Whether they are company-funded outside seminars or onsite sessions, they can help people better understand mindfulness, and learn techniques from true experts. A well-run class by an expert can convince even the most skeptical of skeptics of the legitimacy and usefulness of mindfulness in the workplace.

Take Lunch Away from Your Desk

Encourage employees to eat lunch away from their desks. Whether eating with friends or alone, this gives them the opportunity to make lunchtime a good mental break. Encourage them to think about what they are eating, and take the time to enjoy lunch. Consider periodic lunch trips away from the office — it encourages camaraderie, and people return to work feeling energized.

Try New Techniques at a Meeting

Instead of diving right into business, start company meetings with an icebreaker that encourages mindfulness. Try breathing exercises and stretches before the meeting. During the meeting, listen carefully to whoever is presenting and avoid distractions like outside noise and cell phones. By employing these techniques, mindfulness increases and even encourages better listening skills.