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Are You Living Your Greatest Story?

As I was running along a lake in downtown Austin earlier this summer, I passed a message on the trail. It read “Live a great story.” If you’re a resident of Austin, you may recognize the phrase. From the HOPE Outdoor Gallery to bridges and other places around the city, you may spot the message.

It’s Okay to Switch Between Leadership Styles

For many decades, an abundance of research has been conducted on the topic of leadership — or, more specifically, which leadership style is most effective in the workplace. Some researchers believe skilled leaders should be able to relatively easily transition between two leadership styles, namely dominance and prestige, which fall in line with the coercive and coach leadership styles, respectively.

What’s Your Leadership Style?

If you’re a business leader, take a step back and think about some of the traits you display in the workplace. Do you enjoy teaching your employees about the business? Do you always consider how your business decisions could impact your employees? These traits and more are examples of a coaching leadership style or an emotional leadership style, respectively.