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As I was running along a lake in downtown Austin earlier this summer, I passed a message on the trail. It read “Live a great story.” If you’re a resident of Austin, you may recognize the phrase. From the HOPE Outdoor Gallery to bridges and other places around the city, you may spot the message.

But what does it mean?

According to mantra-creator Zach Horvath, “whether it’s traveling, meeting people or taking a back road in a home town, the more experiences [you] collect, the better and more well rounded [you] can make [your]self.”

This phrase caught my attention when I decided to step down from my role as Chief Medical Officer (CMO) at MedSpring Urgent Care recently to search for my next adventure. MedSpring was an amazing journey from conception to design and operation that today serves hundreds of thousands of people nationally. We successfully built a company that increased healthcare access, drove down costs, and served every patient in a manner consistent with what we all would want for our own families.  

I collected many great experiences as CMO whether traveling to one of our five markets – Austin, Houston, Dallas, Chicago and Boston – or attending conferences around the country to learn about innovations in the healthcare industry. The experiences I collected during my tenure improved my knowledge of the healthcare industry as well as opened my eyes to a handful of innovations like 3D printing and precision medicine.

On our journeys through life, each of us can build and live our own great story. It’s the beauty of life. We can also simultaneously inspire those around us to create their own journeys and live their greatest stories.

So what’s next for me? I am looking at opportunities as they relate to digital medicine, mobile health technology, teleheath, AI, precision medicine, predictive analytics, volume to value and risk. It’s an amazing time in health care. My life is becoming a great story. I hope this inspires you to live your greatest story too.